How Can I Rock His World in Bed? 5 of the Hottest Sex Tips to Make Your Man Erupt With Pleasure Now!

Even though it may sound like it is relatively easy to give a man pleasure in the bedroom, how do you truly know that you are doing a good job? Women can’t always rely on whether or not he ejaculates as he orgasms as an indication for pleasure, because sometimes, the male orgasm can play … Continue reading “How Can I Rock His World in Bed? 5 of the Hottest Sex Tips to Make Your Man Erupt With Pleasure Now!”

Even though it may sound like it is relatively easy to give a man pleasure in the bedroom, how do you truly know that you are doing a good job? Women can’t always rely on whether or not he ejaculates as he orgasms as an indication for pleasure, because sometimes, the male orgasm can play tricks on us. Sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem and that is something that women need to know.

Therefore, what can women do to ensure that they are doing everything possible to please their man in the bedroom? Since sex is such a vital and important part of a relationship, it is what separates from friends and lovers, it is something that we need to ensure we are doing everything in our power to make better and to last longer. So, you want to make sure that you are satisfying his every craving and desire. How do you know you are doing just that?

Sometimes it’s hard for us to be vocal about what we want when it comes to sexual satisfaction. We worry that we are going to offend our partner or say something that they might not want to hear. As a result, we end up continuing to get mediocre pleasure because they don’t know any better. This could be what is happening in your situation and you wouldn’t even know it.

To make sure that you are rocking his world in bed, you need to master these 5 super hot sex tips to make your man absolutely erupt with pleasure tonight. Then, you will know for certain that you are giving him what he wants in bed and that you might even be the first woman to do that for him.

#1 – Give him a show. Men go to the strippers for a reason – they like to look at nude women. That’s a no brainer. So why not bring the show to him? If the idea of some nude woman gyrating all over your man is not sitting well with you, then role play it and become the only exotic dancer in his eyes. Men are very visual, so by giving him a show, you will trigger something inside of him and he will be dying to have you. Up the ante and take it further by tying his hands down to a chair. The whole “you can look but you can’t touch” angle will drive him wild and when you do let him go, you will have to watch out because he will be going crazy for you.

#2 – Stimulate him before sex. You don’t always have to just rely on sex as a means to an end for your man, when there are so many incredibly sexy things that you can be doing for him. The arts of hand stimulation and oral stimulation can really go very far in the bedroom and don’t always have to be reserved for special occasions. If you can get him riled and revved up before you even make penetration together, you will be well on your way to ensuring he is getting the satisfaction he craves.

#3 – Let it go. All men will agree – there is nothing sexier in the bedroom than a woman who is able to let go and be confident with who she is. If you are going to wear one thing when you are intimate with him, make sure it is your confidence. That is what is the sexiest quality to him. The more you are able to truly let go and get lost in the moment with him, the better and harder you will rock his world. If turning the lights down low or putting on some music does that for you, go with it. Just make sure that you are comfortable because that is key.

#4 – Change it up. As harsh as it might be to say, men need constant stimulation or they might start thinking about something else or get lost in a train of thoughts completely unrelated to sex. Therefore, if you really want to make him erupt with pleasure, you have to change it up. Try making love in one position and then out of nowhere, beg for him to do something else to you. You want to keep him on his toes and you want him to be excited for what might happen next. This is what keeps him involved and interested. This is what you need to have happen.

#5 – Have fun. This is the biggest tip of all. If you aren’t enjoying yourself and having fun, then he definitely won’t be either. Energy is so huge when you are having sex and pleasing each other, so by being an enthusiastic lover, you will show him that you are having fun and in turn, so will he. Men are often always enjoying themselves sexually but they feel bad when that energy isn’t reciprocated. Show him that you are having fun and be yourself with it, because that is when you are at your sexiest.

The next time you want to rock your man’s world in the bedroom tonight, make sure that you are implementing some of these tips because they will surely set your love life on fire in a whole new way and solidify you as being the best he’s ever had.

10 Things I Learned About Teamwork From Dragon Boating

After moving to Vancouver a number of years ago I joined a corporate Dragon Boat Team. At the time I wanted to find a way to get fit after being in the office all day and I wanted to be on the water. It was an amazing activity where I developed a number of great friendships that I have today, long after the team dissolved.

There is no end to the books and articles on teambuilding. But it was Dragon Boating that provided me with a simple yet poignant metaphor for the experience of building and maintaining a high performing team. I reflected on how my team evolved from a group of individuals interested in Dragon Boating to a cohesive competitive team where each member of the team understood how to leverage his or her strengths and downplay weaknesses, their fit in the group and how to best contribute to the performance of the overall team. It was a remarkable experience. AND it was fun.

As you read through my 10 points I want you to reflect on your current team. Are any elements missing? What difference would it make if the success factor was present in your team? Would it help your team to reach its potential? In my experience there are very few teams who reach high performance.

Fast Track the Path to Success

I often work with people who want to increase the performance of their team. If you are a team, then why not be the best team you can and produce exceptional results for your organization? How do we get there? What do we need to do?

The following article points out what my experience has shown me to be some of the critical success factors. For those of you who Dragon Boat my comments may be familiar. For those who do not dragon boat, it is my hope that the fun metaphor causes you to reflect seriously on the performance of you team.

Number 1: Timing and technique are more critical than power and strength

In many sports individual performance, strength, agility etc. are the focus of attention. The first skill the coach worked with us on was to have the entire team row in time with the same technique. It is amazing that a team with less brute strength can outperform a stronger boat on timing alone. This is the

1+1 is >2 principle in action. This does not mean that individualism is lost, but that individualism serves the overall purpose of the team. Otherwise, you are a group of individual contributors in a working group, but not a team. When all the paddles stroke in time the boat moves faster than the boat with stronger rowers who are not in time; using their energy against each other rather than focusing on their timing and technique.

Focus on ensuring that members of the team are working toward the same goal. Everyone on the team should be able to tell you how they contribute to the purpose and goals of the team.

Number 2: There is no replacement for a talented steersperson

With a good steersperson, whom the team trusts, each paddler is freed up to focus on their job. They are not worried about other boats, what direction this boat is going, how the boat will navigate the wake etc. In fact, the real job of the steersperson, beyond the technical ability to steer to boat, is to instill confidence in paddlers. The team does not lose energy distracted by problems that they cannot solve but on achieving the goals of the team.

Focus on team leadership that allows members of the team to perform their roles knowing that ‘things’ are being taken care of.

Number 3: One person out of time can cost the race for the whole team

This sounds like the inverse of number one. It is about what happens when even one person behaves in a way that compromises the performance of the team? This is where the steersperson and coach come in. Often the individual does not know that their performance is putting the team’s performance at risk. It is seldom about willingness or even the ability to perform but rather an understanding of the impact of their performance. Feedback is critical in ensuring that the members of the team move forward together.

Focus on providing data based performance feedback to the team including the impact of current performance both positive and corrective. Team members need to get objective feedback on their performance and what plan corrective measures to improve.

Number 4: You train long and hard for a short and intense race

Plans mean nothing if the team is not able to achieve its goal. Teams work hard, often on long term projects but realize that the measure of the value of the work is in implementation. Results are the measure of a team’s success.

Focus on the ability to achieve exceptional results.

Number 5: There is no “luggage” in the boat; everyone contributes

Boy, we all have bad days, but guess what, the team deserves your best even on those days. We all cover for each other when it is needed but everyone contributes..

Focus on helping team members understand their contribution and seek opportunities for them to apply their strengths more often.

Number 6: Treat other teams with respect but don’t get distracted

In the heat of a race it is easy to notice where the other teams are in the race and get distracted. But you can only control what happens in your boat not theirs. There is nothing you can do about what happens in their boat. You have all the control over what you do in your boat. A team with a strong start may not have the stamina to complete the race by continuing their opening speed. Focus your attention on your purpose and the results.

Focus on what the team can accomplish with the resources it has.

Number 7: There is always more to learn

No matter what your role or how long you have been with the team, or how many races you have been in, there are always things to learn. Not matter how good you are you can always be better. The coach would move us around to different positions so that we would learn new skills and perspective.

Focus on ensuring that everyone on the team is actively learning all the time.

Number 8: The lead paddlers (strokes) set the pace

There is incredible benefit from everyone on the team working in concert towards the same goal. Leaders in the team set the direction, provide visible support for the values of the team and hold themselves and others accountable for the performance of the team. Everyone is accountable to be in time with the strokes. It is not ones business but mine to watch and pay attention. Remember, one person out of time can cost a race.

Focus on leaders holding themselves and other accountable for success.

Number 9: You paddle as hard on a bad day as on a good day

A manager friend of mine said to her employees after being challenged about the lack of loyalty in the organization, “I do not want your loyalty, I want your commitment.” It is important the each member of the team is fully present all the time, whether in practice or in competition.

Focus on every individual on the team performing their best everyday.

Number 10:Teams win and teams lose, not individuals

In Dragon Boating, teams win, not individuals. The entire boat crosses the finish line or it does not. The people at the front of the boat or the steersperson do not get more of the ‘win’ that others. The team wins or the team loses. We are all one team.

Focus on being all one team. Individual skills, style, experience and knowledge all contribute to the work of the team. At the end of the day, we are all one team who achieve the results or not.

By ensuring that these top 10 success factors are implemented you can develop your team’s effectiveness. We hope that these 10 Success Factors helped you to reflect on the factors that need to be considered and planned a highly effective, high performing team.

Eiffel Tower – A Brief History and Overview of Its 120 Year History

The Eiffel Tower today remains one of the most popular attractions of all time in Paris let alone Europe. In fact, since its opening, it is estimated that over a quarter of a billion people have viewed the tower. It has by far been one of the most historic buildings in the world and has landed its name on the 7 Wonders of the World.

The Eiffel Tower was first designed for the Paris Exposition in which many buildings were planned to be built all over Paris. Of the many designs Gustave Eiffel’s design was chosen out of the many. It took nearly 2 years and 2 months of construction but the Eiffel Tower was built in 1899. It was built of mainly or iron. After 20 years of its existence, the Eiffel Tower was being pushed to be demolished for scrap metal for many people.

However, to luck of Paris today it was kept. The main reason for keeping the tower was because it was thought that its radio pole on the top of the building would be helpful and useful for many future scientific endeavors. In fact, many scientific works were conducted on the Eiffel Tower. Temperature, Pressure and Radio Transmission were among the most prominent. During World War II, after the Germans invaded France, they hung the German flag atop the Eiffel Tower as a symbol of France’s subjugation. This was among the most embarrassing moments in French history. The Eiffel Tower since that day has been maintained as a radio tower and site for many tourists around the world. Its golden night display has made the Eiffel Tower at night own of the most beautiful attractions in the world. It and night’s illuminating golden glow has been a source of beauty in the Paris sky for many years. Today, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited sites in all of France and Europe and looks to stay that way for years to come.

How to Cultivate Determination That Leads to Extraordinary Success

People do extraordinary things all the time. Some of them are well-known. For example, who can forget Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit home run in game 1 of the 1988 World Series?

What made that moment amazing was the fact that Gibson was injured and had no leg strength whatsoever. He wasn’t even expected to play! What’s more, he didn’t initially suit up for the game. Yet, he was called on to do something extraordinary.

Armed with winning determination Gibson hit that home run with just upper body strength. Winning that game was the catalyst that moved the Dodgers to ultimately win the World Series.

While some exploits are well-known, like the one just mentioned, most aren’t. Think of single moms who successfully raise their children. Consider people who others feel are disabled, yet they accomplish amazing feats.

Yes, people do extraordinary things all the time. You can too!

Certainly, determination plays a role and you do well to cultivate it.

Accomplishing Extraordinary Success Requires Determination

If you’re going to accomplish the extraordinary, you need determination. What is determination? Here are some synonyms: persistence; resolve; steadfastness; dedication. Determination involves sticking with something or following through to completion. Never giving up on a desired goal also comes to mind.

What burning desire do you have within? What do want to do with your life?

Maybe your ultimate goal is to become:

  • An accomplished musician
  • The CEO of a major company
  • Rich with a seven-figure income
  • An online entrepreneur
  • A famous athlete or actor / actress

Any major goal in life requires determination. The quality of determination will help you get through the toughest obstacles. Determination doesn’t accept failure as an option.

Determination Leads One Man to Great Success

When you cultivate determination that cannot be stopped, you’ll accomplish great things. You’ll always come off a winner.

That was the case with a former pro football player named Earl Morral. He played quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) from 1956 to 1976.

Morral played for 21 seasons with six different teams. He was a backup quarterback for most of his career. The only time he started was when the starting quarterback went out due to an injury. But in spite of all of that Earl Morral was a winner, and the 1968 NFL season proved it.

In 1968 Morral played for the Baltimore Colts. Starting quarterback John Unitas was out for the season with an injured throwing arm. Coach Don Shula named Morral the starter. Morral’s determination to be a winner became clear.

During that season he led the Colts to a near perfect 13 wins and 1 loss. The Colts went on to win the NFL Championship 34-0 over the Cleveland Browns. Morral was named MVP of the NFL. Determination took Morral to an extraordinary victory!

Though the Colts lost to the New York Jets in Superbowl III, Morral retained his determination. Yes, he never lost the burning desire to succeed. In fact, a couple of years later he was again summoned by the Colts to lead them to victory. Superbowl V was the theater in this case. The Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16-13.

After his success with the Baltimore Colts, Morral was traded to the Miami Dolphins. Once again, he showed beyond a doubt that he was a determined winner.

In week five of the 1972 regular season starting quarterback Bob Griese went down with a severe ankle injury, and he was out for the rest of the season. Morral then took on the role of starting quarterback.

The Dolphins went on to win the remainder of their regular season games under Morral’s leadership to go 14-0. After that, a healthy Bob Griese started through the playoffs and Superbowl VII. The Dolphins went 17-0 for the only perfect season pro football has seen up to this point. Earl Morral contributed greatly to that perfect season.

Through his entire career Earl Morral never lost his winning determination. He proved many times that he was a winner. He demonstrated what it takes to be a winner. He enjoyed one of the most successful careers any one could have had.

Determination Can Lead You to Accomplishment Great Things

Earl Morral’s personal story shows what can be done when one has determination. Do you see lessons that you can apply? Is your determination to succeed as strong as that of Earl Morral?

You can accomplish extraordinary things! Like Earl Morral, exercise a winning determination that’ll allow you to accomplish the extraordinary. If you do, you’ll always come off a winner!

Interesting Facts About Italian Leather

1- When buying a piece with the distinction “Italian leather”, know that it was tanned in Italy for sure, but not necessarily made with animal hides that come from that region. In this case, when the animals don’t come from Italian grounds, they are imported from different countries notably Pakistan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India and basically all over the world!

2- The leather business in Italy is renowned all over the world. Although the worldwide crisis affected deeply the country between 2008-2011, leather, along with textiles and clothing, has been and stayed the 2nd most important source of revenue for the country after the production of machinery and equipments. In 2011, Italy ranked 2nd in world exports of clothing and leather goods after the giant mass producers from China. They also hold 25% of the shares in the fashion market related to footwear which is a very large and important part.

3- The Italians are constantly bombarded from the competitive pressure of low-wage emerging countries. To prevent their exports from dropping, they constantly develop methods to improve their product’s quality without compromising their specialization. Up to now, this has proven effective to stem the tide and to keep their fine leather reputation on the podium. In fact, this pressure from developing countries, although not all beneficial for job losses have been overly large quantity, has positively affected higher-skilled workers in rewarding them with increased salaries and even greater international recognition which in the end is also better for us, the consumers.

4- Leather Trade Fair Shows are held yearly all over the world for merchants to show their products and for potential buyers (manufacturers, stylists and retailers) to meet and compare it all. It is amazing to see how people are so passionate about this fine, raw material and how they are willing to share their history with whoever wants to hear! The master tanners are hard-working, down-to-earth professionals and their knowledge is well worth sharing.

5-In 1994, the Genuine Italian Vegetable-tanned Leather Consortium was put together to ensure that high quality, natural and long-lasting leathers were offered to the world. With their “Pelle Conciata al vagetale in Toscana” (“Vegetable-tanned Leather of Tuscany”) Guarantee label, they regulate, preserve and guarantee the quality of their vegetable-tanned leathers. They even created a product tracing system to certify the quality and origin of the materials which is interesting to consumers that are concerned with animal treatment, as we should all be. The consortium has, over the years, positioned itself as an International organization leading to offerings of leather fashion exhibits, workshops and seminars.

Fun fact: In september 2013 the “Craft the Leather” competition was held in Paris to showcase young designers all working with vegetable-tanned leathers. They were judged on different aspects notably innovation, craftsmanship and aesthetics. The winner of this 2013 edition was a young japanese designer, EISUKE YOSHIKAWA with HIKO MIZUNO college of jewelry in Tokyo. It is very interesting to see that the love for leather has travelled so far!

What needs to be remembered from all of these, is that leather tanning is not just a business in Italy, it is a passion, almost a way of life. Generations grow into that knowledge, they learn how to implement it and make it up to date with new technologies while integrating old world craft methods and THAT makes all the difference in the world! Bottom line, anyone who loves animals & leather should look into having handmade pieces with Tuscany standards because those people genuinely care about each aspect and every piece they make.

The Secret World of the Unborn Child

Childhood experiences are not the only factors that can determine our destiny. A child’s life does not begin with its birth. Because we cannot see the infant before he is born (except through ultrasound machines), it does not mean that he has no links to the outside world. Although the unborn child lives in a world of his own, he is still most profoundly influenced by everything that happens around him, especially the thoughts, feeling and actions of his parents. Research has shown that a fetus can lead an active emotional life from the sixth month, if not earlier. He is able to feel and can even see, hear, taste, experience and learn while in the womb. The feelings that he has during his stay in his mother’s womb depend largely on how he deals with the messages that he receives mostly from the mother, but also from the father and the environment.

Bonding begins before birth

An anxiety-ridden mother, who is constantly worried about making mistakes or who suffers from other forms of emotional imbalance, can leave a deep scar on the personality of the developing fetus. Likewise, a self-assured and confident mother instills in him a deep sense of content and security. These or similar initial emotional imprints shape a person’s attitudes and expectations and can ultimately create a personality that acts them out either as shyness, anxiety and aggression, or self-confidence, optimism and happiness. Contrary to common understanding but discovered by recent research, the father’s feelings towards his wife and the unborn child play one of the most important roles in determining the success of a pregnancy. There is strong evidence that a father who bonds with his child while he is still in the womb can make a big emotional difference to his well-being. A newborn baby can recognize his father’s voice in the first one or two hours after birth and respond to it emotionally, provided the father had been talking to the child during the pregnancy. The soothing, familiar tone of his voice, for example, is able to stop the child from crying, indicating that he feels protected and safe.

It is common knowledge that a mother’s dietary habits can influence the growing fetus, too. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol have proved to cause irreversible damage to a growing fetus. A series of precise experiments have demonstrated that the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of parents (particularly those of the mother) can assert an even greater influence on the unborn child.

There is much speculation about exactly when the unborn child begins to recognize and respond to these external stimuli, but this seems secondary. What is more important is that human life begins in the womb and is shaped by all its experiences during the gestation period (the nine months in the womb). Studies have shown that the heartbeat of an unborn child quickened every time his mother thought of smoking a cigarette. Without lighting up or picking up a cigarette, the mother’s thought caused an instant adrenaline response by the fetus in anticipation of a dreaded oxygen decline in his and his mother’s blood. This stress response made his heart beat faster. The mother’s desire to smoke may also be linked to a sense of uncertainty, nervousness and fear within her. While she translates these emotions into the corresponding chemical compounds in her brain, the same emotional responses are triggered also in the fetus. This situation can eventually predispose the unborn child towards deep-seated nervousness and anxiety later in life.

Rhythms of Happiness

Maternal emotions of anxiety have repeatedly been shown to cause exaggerated fetal activity. Researchers were able to demonstrate that the most active fetuses would one day become the most anxious youngsters. They would become abnormally shy and shield themselves away from teachers, from schoolmates, from forming friendships and from all human contact. It is most likely that the youngsters will remain inhibited and shy even in their thirties and through to old age unless they find a way to correct the initial emotional imbalance from fetus-hood.

The rhythms and tone of its mother’s voice also influence the unborn child. The fetus moves his body rhythm to harmonize with his mother’s unique rhythms of speech. He also responds to sounds and melody from a source other than his mother. Agitated unborn children calm down when they listen to calming music such as Vivaldi. Beethoven, on the other hand makes them kick and move around more, as do sounds made by yelling parents. Pregnant musicians have even ‘taught’ their fetuses intricate musical pieces. From a certain age, the children were able to play the music by heart without ever having heard it before, except whilst they were in the mother’s womb. Other children were found to repeat words or phrases, which the mother had used only during pregnancy. One child grew up speaking a foreign language that the mother had used during her pregnancy while working in a foreign country but had stopped using after giving birth.

The maternal heartbeat is one of the most powerful means to keep the growing fetus happy and attuned to the outside world. The steady pace of her heartbeat reassures him that all is well. He can ‘read’ the mother’s emotional states through the changing rhythms of her heart. During the gestation period, the fetus senses the comforting maternal heartbeat as his main source of life, safety, and love. The emotional value attached to heartbeat was confirmed by a study that used a tape-recorded human heartbeat being played to a nursery filled with newborn babies. To the astonishment of the researchers, the babies who were exposed to the sounds of heartbeat ate more, weighed more, slept more, breathed better, cried less and were less sick than those who were deprived of the rhythmic sound of a heart. Of course, in natural settings, babies would never be separated from their mothers after birth and therefore would continue feeling their mother’s heartbeat.

‘Cot death’ is a phenomenon that occurs almost only among babies who have been kept apart from their mothers after birth (another major risk factor is cigarette smoke in the babies’ environment). Such babies feel abandoned by their mothers and are unable to sustain their vital functions without feeling and hearing her heartbeat. Most babies survive this dramatic measure of separation from the mother but may be left with emotional scars that show up as low self-esteem, weakness and anxiety later in life. By contrast, the babies who stay with their mothers most of the time feel wanted and loved right from the first moments of life. They are much less likely to have a reason for feeling insecure when they grow older. Their personalities will be friendly, confident, optimistic and extrovert.

Mixed Messages

A fetus may be strongly influenced by stressful events that occur in the mother’s life. The resulting release of stress hormones can trigger similar emotional responses in the fetus as those felt by the mother. However, if she feels unconditional love for her baby and believes that nothing else is as important to her as her growing child, then the baby will feel safe and protected. A major German study on 2,000 pregnant women concluded that the children of mothers who looked forward to having a baby were much healthier, both mentally and physically, at birth and afterwards, than those born to mothers who did not really want a child. Another study conducted at the University of Salzburg in Austria procured results that are even more stunning. Psychological tests revealed that the mothers who wanted their unborn children both consciously and unconsciously had the easiest pregnancies, the most uncomplicated births, and the healthiest offspring – physically and emotionally. The group of mothers who had a negative attitude to their unborn children had the most serious medical complications during pregnancy, and bore the highest rate of premature, low-weight and emotionally disturbed infants.

Many pregnant women give mixed messages to their babies. They often would like to have a child but do not want to give up their career. These unborn children are often apathetic and lethargic after they are born. A woman’s relationship with her husband or partner is the second most influential factor in determining infant outcome. A recent study that involved over 1,300 children and their families showed that women who feel they are locked in a stormy marriage have a 237 percent higher risk of giving birth to a psychologically or physically abnormal child. Children who feel loved while in the womb have every good reason to give trust and love when they are living in the outer world. They generally develop a deep bond with their parents and have little or no tendency to become affiliated or involved with problematic personalities during their lives.

Common Household Items Can Be a Threat to Your Dog!

Even in the cleanest and seemingly safest house or apartment can lurk a health threat for your dog. There are many common household items that we all keep around, that can be a threat to your dog, either making it sick or causing death,

Did you know that an environmental toxin could be any substance that is outside of an animal’s body and if ingested or otherwise exposed to – can cause harmful biological change.

We live in a world that we are trying to turn “green,” and yet many of our homes are filled with things that can cause harm to our dogs.

Did you know that second hand cigarette smoke could cause cancer in dogs? Rotting food found in a garbage can has the potential of either causing an illness or a fatality.

The substances found in a home that can become a lethal threat are varied from insecticides and tainted water that pollutes the environment to a multitude of other things that seem small and insignificant.

This article I hope in some small way will open the readers eyes and possibly prevent a dog or some other pet from having to suffer an illness or die.

Dogs as you know, are one of the most curious of household pets, a monkey may have more curiosity, but when it comes to putting things into their mouths, I believe dogs have all other critters beat.

Since a dog does not have hands to figure things out with, its first choice is its mouth and whether it tastes good or not, into its mouth it goes. I have never read anywhere that dogs are gourmet eaters. It seems their philosophy is, if it fits it can be chewed and/or swallowed. The problem with this philosophy is that toxins in the objects can cause illness and/or the objects may cause serious obstructions within the dog’s body.

So what is a dog owner to do? First of all there are some simple rules to follow that will prevent some accidents from happening. Especially if you have a puppy or a dog that loves to chew, keep small things out of your dog’s reach. Things like small rubber balls, jewelry, medicine bottles of all kinds (glass or plastic), ant or mouse poison containers, household cleaners, live wires laying on the floor that can be chewed, containers holding insecticides, fertilizers, automobile liquids like antifreeze, power steering fluid and the like. Anything you do not think you would like to swallow, consider it a “no-no” for your dog.

There are many foods that can cause a toxic reaction in a dog:

– Alcohol -besides causing intoxication can cause a coma or even be fatal.

– Avocados – a fatty acid found in avocado leaves, fruit, seeds, and bark called ‘persin” can cause difficulty in breathing, abnormal fluid accumulations in the chest, abdomen and the sac around the heart.

– Chocolate – this and any chocolate related product such as cocoa powder, cocoa beans, cocoa mulch are very dangerous for dogs. These products contain caffeine and theobromine, both are nervous system stimulants and since dogs metabolize theobromine more slowly than humans it can cause a multitude of problems including death. Dark chocolate has the highest concentration.

– Coffee, tea and cola – contain caffeine and can cause a caffeine toxicity, plus tea and cola contain theobromine.

– Grapes and raisins – are highly toxic to dogs – we do not know the toxic component, but eating large amounts can cause kidney damage or failure.

– Macadamia nuts – another toxic mystery, but a dangerous food for dogs, it can cause depression, hyperthermia, weakness, muscular stiffness, tremors and increased heart rate.

– Mushrooms – contain toxins which can be fatal if eaten by a dog.

– Nutmeg – I did not know this would affect a dog, but it is on the list of very dangerous foods for dogs, and if a dog eats enough it can be fatal. I do not know what enough is – so keep it away from your dog.

– Onions and garlic – it is not known how large a quantity of onions or garlic need to be consumed by a dog (or cat), but they are considered dangerous because they contain sulfoxides and disulfides, which can break apart red blood cells and cause anemia. According to what I have read consumed in large amounts can result in severe anemia and even death, if not treated by your veterinarian.

– Xylitol – this is a sugar substitute found in some gums and in sugar free candies that is extremely harmful to dogs. If a dog eats enough candy it can cause life-threatening low blood sugar, loss of coordination, depression, liver damage, collapse and seizures.

– Yeast Dough – rising yeast dough can cause gas to build up in a pet’s digestive system causing its stomach or intestines to rupture. Do not feed your dog any raw dough that has yeast in it. Once it is cooked a small amount of bread or rolls are okay for your pet.

Some plants are also very toxic to dogs. Puppies are usually the ones that are the most curious, but dogs that love to dig can run into problems, too.

The following plants in general, cause the same amount of problems and these are what the symptoms are: vomiting, diarrhea, depression, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, lethargy, drooling, tremors, seizures and upset stomach.

Amaryllis, Azaleas, Autumn Crocus. Christmas pine needles, Chrysanthemum, Cyclamen, Daffodils, some Ivies, Holly, Kalanchoe, and Lillies, Sago Palms, Oleander, Poinsettia, Tulip and Narcissus bulbs are the most common ones found in our gardens. However, the Caster Oil plant contains a highly toxic protein and one bean can kill a human and four beans can kill a horse, so I would rid my yard of such a plant just to be safe. If one bean can kill one of us, I would bet a serious chew by a puppy or dog could be lethal.

Also the new thing in the garden circle is the cocoa bean mulch that does smell like chocolate, dogs are attracted to it and will eat it. It can cause many problems including death, stick to our regular mulch to be on the safe side.

Do not let your dog swim in stagnant water or in any water that you are not certain if it is free from contamination.

Dogs are like children, they are very curious and are drawn to things because it smells good. If it smells good, it must taste good and that is where the problem lies.

All dogs are at risk when it comes to chewing or swallowing a toxic or obstructive object, especially old dogs, and young puppies. It is a good idea to “baby proof” your house by keeping things out of your dog’s reach and when outdoors, a watchful eye may prevent any mishaps.

Invest in an emergency first-aid kit for your dog. It should contain:

– a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3%) to induce vomiting

– a turkey baster or large syringe to administer the peroxide into the dog’s mouth

– saline eye solution

– artificial tear gel to lubricate eyes after flushing

– forceps (tweezers) to remove stingers

– a muzzle to protect yourself against fear or excitement induced biting

– mild grease cutting dishwashing liquid for bathing skin after any contamination

– a can of your pet’s favorite wet food

– a pet carrier

Keep your vet’s phone number posted near your telephone and also keep the ASPCA Poison Control number listed 888-426-4435 (there is a charge for this service.) The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center Web Site has an alphabetical list of the most common plants, with information about their safety.

If at anytime you think your pet has ingested a toxic substance, call your vet at once. Time is of the essence and the life you save will be your pet’s.

The Health Benefits of Lemon Juice Are Amazing!

Lemon juice is widely recognized for its medicinal properties. In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. It is a natural antihistamine and will reduce congestion. Very effective for all gastric problems, it helps to strengthen your immune system.

When taken regularly first thing in the morning, the fresh juice acts as a tonic to the liver and stimulates it to produce bile making it ready to digest the day’s food. It helps to lower blood sugar and can lower the glycemic impact of any meal.

Lemon juice is excellent as a cleanser because it affects the efficiency of the body’s digestive system. Years of eating fried and processed foods means your digestive system can become sluggish and inefficient. It is a tremendous natural metabolizer, breaking down the mucus and fat that can build up in the body, helping to break up hardened material in the joints and muscles, it clears the kidneys, dissolves toxins and congestion all throughout your body and lymphatic system.

It breaks up and dislodges the sticky mucus deposits that tend to clog up the system. Full of powerful enzymes and with a high vitamin-C content, the juice will flush your system of toxic wastes. Which is why it is said to help to prevent and cure osteoarthritis and the development and progression of atherosclerosis.

Another great health benefit is that the juice of a lemon can protect your body against germs and bacteria. When used as part of a cleansing process it helps to rid the body of gallstones. It helps make colds less toxic in the body and can reduce the length of a cold. It is also one of the best alkalizing foods for the body.

The fresh juice can lower blood sugar and lower the glycemic impact of any meal. Supplying one of the richest and most concentrated food sources of vitamin C. Recent research suggests that people who include more fresh citrus fruits and juices in their diet are more likely to lose weight and are less likely to suffer from obesity as they generally are less hungry, therefore consume less food. The citric acid in lemons helps to stimulate gastric juices and saliva, helping the digestive process.

It helps to control Blood Pressure, purifies blood, reduces swollen spleen and strengthens immune system as it has vitamin C, B, B2, calcium and iron. It protects your body against germs and bacteria. The juice is also effective for people suffering from acid reflux because it stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juice and is an excellent digestive agent.

Lemon juice will help constipation, liver disorders, reduce mucus accumulation, improve digestion, reduce infections, and help to clear skin disorders like acne. It can even boost immunity and brain function, fight cholesterol and fire up your metabolism. Cleansing the lymphatic system, invigorating skin tissue and increasing blood flow.

It is a potential detoxifier for you and can drain away all toxins out of your body. it is a most potent solvent for breaking up the calcified formations existing in the body. Mixing the juice of a fresh lemon with water easily relieves heartburn.

I am a great believer in freshly squeezed juice. Nearly all of the store bought juices are filled with chemicals, pasteurized and not fresh at all. Processing lemon juice can seriously damage its health benefits. I like to make my own juice as it’s really easy and quick.

Pick up an electric citrus press, they are very inexpensive. Cut one or two lemons in half and juice them yourself. That way you can include the pulp which is a great source of natural fibre in your juice as well. I like to add a some hot water, it makes the juice easier to drink and it will be closer to the temperature of your body. It takes me no more than 5 minutes in the morning to prepare my juice. I do it while I am brewing some nice decaf coffee.

Don’t be tempted to add anything else to the pure juice and pulp such as sugar, honey or sweetners. If you do this then you are not drinking pure home made lemon juice and the health benefits I have written about here will not apply. In just a couple of days your taste buds will become used to the taste of lemon juice and you will have no problem drinking a glass or two per day.

The very first thing I take every morning is freshly squeezed home made lemon juice with a good dash of hot water. I really enjoy it and wouldn’t miss it, especially now that I know about all the amazing health benefits it is giving me.

I like to follow my juice with a glass of warm water, I swish it around my mouth and teeth before swallowing it. This way I have washed away any residues of the lemon juice from my teeth and gums.

Types Of Women Kurtis According To Every Occasion

Whether it is about clothing, eating or decorating, Indians have a preppy taste that makes them really sound and attractive. It’s not a dead end when it comes to ethnic wear or traditional dresses. Indian ethnic wear comes in a load of variety that everyone can have their own pick individually. But depending upon the weather and humid situations of the area, dresses are selected. In a country of vivacity like India, women love to wear Indian sarees, salwar suits, kurtis and tunics with their complementary bottom wears, blouses and different types of salwars. In urbane world, women and girls find kurtis and tunics as a perfect fit for every occasion and event. But this simple and classic named kurti is not just a single name. One can find variety of kurtis in markets and while online shopping. Depending upon their necklines, vehement types of sleeves, adorable lengths, type of flare, extra add-ons and many more things are responsible to make the vivacity of kurtis.

But if you nail it properly then only you will get to know that there is no confusion on getting knowing about different types of kurtis. Here is a list of kurtis that every woman must know to take better step while shopping for their ‘Indian ethnic wear’ needs.

Straight Kurtis

Generally straight kurtis are longer in design and style. This type of kurtis is available in various traditional works, awesome fabrics and colours. A georgette straight kurti is one of the best of its which can be worn in summers as well. These kurtis go well on casual get together and college days.

Frock Kurtis

Looks just like a frock, these Indian style ethnic kurtis are the cynosure of every young girl. They have all those beautiful traditional block prints, pastel hues or ethnic craftsmanship like embroidery, embellishment, and many more. Frock kurtis can be complemented with designer leggings for a remembering moment with friends.

Anarkali Kurtis

This type of kurtis possesses a divine flare around the end of their lengths. These Anarkali kurtis are little tight at the waist line and fall lose from then. Designer Anarkali kurtis have amazing flares, pleats and they are larger in number to make you a perfect twirl. These are awesome for wedding nights and special occasions like ethnic based prom night.

A-Line Kurtis

Speaking just about the shape, A-line kurtis have broader bottom hemline and it goes down just like ‘A’. This type of kurti is narrower at the top and wider at the end. These come under regular dressing and can be worn at any event.

Shirt Kurtis

Just like any other shirt with buttons, shirt style kurtis have a long running button placket with regular collar. But nowadays, shirt kurtis or kurtas are available in amazing designs, various types of collars and sleeves.

Jacket Kurtis

Jacket kurtis have an extra layer of jacket style which may be or may not be tied with laces. These attached jackets have buttons as well and can get along with cigarette pants and churidars. Jacket kurtis are excellent for festivals and religious occasions.

Asymmetric Kurtis

Playful hemlines and form at the bottom border of this kurti make all the differences. Asymmetric kurtis can be short, medium and long in length. Generally their uneven bottom end defines its true look.

Dive into the pool of splurging and as you now know every type of Indian designer kurtis, hope you will make the smartest choice for yourself.

History of the Thai Herbal Compress

For centuries the Thai people have been using dried herbs to treat many different aliments in the body. One of the best types of treatments for muscle and soft tissue pain is used in the form of a herbal compress. For centuries this ball was typically used on soldiers returning from battle to get immediate responses to inflammation from wounds and injuries. It was also used for treating soreness and pain from tired, achy muscles and joints.

Now, they are used in many forms around the world. In north America we typically see them being used for personal use as home remedies for treatment of small wounds, inflamed joints or even menstrual cramps.

For years spas in Europe and more recently in North America, have been using the power of the herbal compress to lure clients into an ancient world of the past, surrounding them with rich enticing aromas and deep moist heat that alleviate stress from everyday living.

Massage clinics have also started treating clients with the herbal compress, using them in Thai massage treatments. This is great for the removal of toxins during inflammation, improving muscle tone tension, and easing aches and pains from many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries.

In Thailand the typical compress is created using traditional herbs commonly grown in Thailand. These herbs have both medicinal and aesthetic uses and are absorbed into the body through the skin and nose. Of course the herbs themselves can be ingested as well but when used in a compress there is no need for ingestion. All three methods allow the medicinal properties of the herbs to have profound effects in body.

A poultice is similar to the compress but is usually used as a home remedy. To make a poultice for home, one would need the herb or substance of choice, say oatmeal, place it on a square of material, wrap it up, heat it, and place it on the area for relief. Some poultices can be used for extended periods, for example the Castor oil wrap. These types of wraps can be left on over night and kept in the fridge or freezer for future use.

Prepackaged compress balls are great for use in spas or clinics. They can be purchased in a multitude of recipes but the basic Thai compress can treat a variety of conditions. Typically, they are steamed and applied to the client either on the skin directly or through the clothes.

Some spas use the compress in their heated body treatments that involve massage techniques, and oil. In clinics, the massage therapist would press the heated compress into the muscle belly and over the joints allowing the heat and the herbs to be absorbed deeply into the tissue. When being steamed the pouch reveals an intense and pleasing aroma that is inhaled through the nose while breathing deeply during the treatment.

This ancient treatment tool has come a long way. The herbal compress is becoming a staple in homes and professional settings around the world. It’s has many uses and the affects are amazing!