How to Utilize Your Freedom of Living and Lifestyle

Feeling like you don’t belong takes a few minutes to dissipate and the rewards are amazing. Think about how it is to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Is there anything you want to change about your current circumstance? Start here. Just like in a board game. Roll the dice. Take a few steps and day after day the goal becomes clearer and new goals are added. International living is similar to raising a baby, a puppy, a new job. It is the miracle of life and breathing to learn, to celebrate cultural differences, to be pissed that things have altered, to be in sunshine. Allow for all of it.

People are people. We eat food, we drink liquids, we go to the bank, we wash our clothes, we go to parties, we have children, we grow old. And then we speak a different language, noises are made that are offensive, intelligence is learned or natural, truancy is accepted or not, church is a ritual unquestioned. International living will expose everything. That is why we do it. Yes, the real estate is colonial, steeped in history and human drama, yes, the sun shines almost 365 days a year, and yes, we have freedom because we do not own the country and the country does not own us. We have Freedom from the repression of our rooted paradigms, freedom from the obligations of doing it the ‘right’ way.

With global expansion and awareness, with the unifying force of the internet, we can explore international living to the ends of the earth. Embrace this. Do the work to look at real estate, the infrastructure, the banking, the laws, the demographics. The people will be a ‘boots on the ground’ experience. Living inside a culture will make richer and open-minded humans. Judgment will be in a box in the closet and ‘allowing and letting go’ will be your best friends.

When countries and nations are formed there is inevitably a commitment. The same will hold true when you build your own existence in a new land. Adventure is a gift in life. In every person there exists a writer! Take the time, the breath of fresh air to write it down. The world is an international marketplace. I found my words in Mineral de Pozos. My children are forming theirs.

Passion will guide you. If you are drawn and lit up by the house, the place, the weather, the quality of life, the pace, the new friends that you will make, then international living will be for you. Attract good people to help you make the transition… there is a huge amount of ‘pay it forward’ in this process and many leaders before you to assist. Just ask.